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Bring magic into your kitchen with the black Thermomix® SOLD OUT!!!
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You can get the black Thermomix for just earn your own money for a short time - and the BEST, determine the price yourself.
The Thermomix is ideal for kitchen fairies, gourmets and certainly for you too

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Be worth it and secure the right gift today and enjoy this wonderful device that can do more than just COOKING or BAKING:


Thermomix Berlin

Thermomix Berlin

Thermomix diamond black

The Thermomix® diet - your key to effortless weight loss!

Discover the many benefits and unique selling points of the Thermomix® diet, a clever and multi-stage concept specially developed to DTo help you lose weight with your Thermomix®. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight quickly or slowly, a lot or a little - with the Thermomix® diet you can set your personal pace and adjust your diet accordingly.

An absolute highlight are the Thermomix relief days, where delicious shakes in sweet and savory versions have been created for you. These are sure to delight you and are not only delicious, but they will help you support weight loss in a tasty way. But that's not all! With the energetic “power boosters” you are ready for any challenge.

Another unbeatable advantage of the Thermomix® diet is the possibility of using all previously developed recipes from the successful “Fit with Thermomix®” series. So you don't have to go without your favorite dishes and at the same time you can benefit from the tried and tested content of the first two volumes.

What are you waiting for? Start a new chapter of your life now! The Thermomix® diet is your perfect companion on the way to your desired weight. Let yourself be infected by our excitement and enthusiasm and experience the fascination of a simple and effective method for losing weight.

Grab it and treat yourself to the Thermomix® diet - a well thought-out concept that combines weight loss and Thermomix®. Your path to your dream figure has never been so easy and enjoyable!



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Gift inspiration Thermomix® accessories!


I have great gift inspiration for you and also new products that will give you enjoyable moments. create. And help with the preparations for even less stress.  I have something special on offer for culinary delights. How about a homemade mulled wine or hot chocolate? With the Thermomix® Recipes from Cookidoo® and the right ingredients, your party will be an unforgettable experience.

There is so much more. 

Call me and I'll be there for you and your questions.


Can't decide yet? I am here for you and would be happy to help you with your decision.

Valentine's gift Thermomix
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