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Your PERSONALVIP service all around®Thermomix


Think about Valentine's Day now! Book your ultimate cooking experience and let me and the Thermomix enchant you!

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BECOME a Thermomix representative and earn THE SOLD OUT BLACK AND WHITE  THERMOMIX® very easy to do!

Welcome to your Thermomix® representative - your personal VIP service for all things Thermomix®. Together we will find the perfect solution for your concerns. I am there for you personally in Berlin, Falkensee, Potsdam and the surrounding area (80km) - online also throughout Germany - thanks to digital technology! 


My vision as a Thermomix® representative is to bring a passion for culinary delights to every household. I want to inspire people to prepare healthy and delicious meals quickly and easily. With the Thermomix® as With this unique product, I want to enrich the lives of my customers and offer you an unforgettable experience. Because Thermomix® is not just about cooking - it's about sharing wonderful moments with friends and family.I can only say:
Your best address for the Thermomix


Here you will find the latest offers, discounts and promotions relating to the Thermomix®
Join us on January 8th! One highlight after another awaits you. 

Never again without Thermomix! Why the Thermomix is a must-have!

Discover the secret of stylish cooking:

With the innovative new accessories for the Thermomix®, the Thermomix® Friend, you can achieve an even higher level of comfort when cooking. You save time and gain flexibility thanks to the possibility of parallel cooking with both the Thermomix® as well as the Thermomix Friend. The Thermomix Friend is compatible and optimal for the TM6® as well as the TM5® Voted. Through the Bluetooth connectivity of the TM6® intelligent cooking allows easy control. Software updates can also be carried out via Bluetooth. The Thermomix® Friend has special stirring levels counterclockwise 1+2 and can be heated up to a temperature of 120°C or Varoma. He also offers specially developed recipes for delicious menus and sophisticated dishes on Cookidoo®. 


Discover the ultimate VIP service for your personal Thermomix now! Benefit from exclusive advantages and valuable tips - I am your first point of contact!The Thermomix® is the epitome of elegance and functionality. With the Thermomix® You can not only prepare your favorite dishes, but also make a statement in your kitchen. The white Thermomix® Fits perfectly into any modern or classic interior and is sure to be the eye-catcher of any dinner party.

But the Thermomix® Not only does it impress with its appearance, but above all with its performance. The Thermomix® combines numerous functions such as mixing, chopping or kneading in a single device, saving space on your work surface and time when preparing your food. With its intuitive touchscreen operation, it's child's play to use - even if you've never used a mixer before! The diverse programs of the thermal miracle also allow you to easily prepare healthy meals for the whole family - whether soups, smoothies or complete menus!

Thermomix Potsdam

Thermomix Berlin

Thermomix kaufen Weiß Berlin Spandau
Petra Haupt Thermomix representative Berlin

Your advantages of the Thermomix®-Purchase

MORE TIME FOR YOU and your loved ones!
◾Varied with over 80,000 recipes!
◾HEALTHY eating, whether big or small!
◾Cooking is so EASY!
◾Anyone can COOK with it!
◾Cooking together is JOY!
◾Live your CREATIVITY!
◾You can save money!

Vorwerk consultant with passion

I would be happy to spoil you with a cooking experience! 

As your Thermomix® representative, I am available to you with my personal VIP service. Together we will find out how the Thermomix® can enrich your life - according to your ideas! I will support you at any time with all your questions about the Thermomix® so that we can work with youperfect solution for your individual concerns to find. Whether you would like detailed advice or are already the owner of a Thermomix® - I will accompany you on your way to the perfect cooking experience. It is particularly important to me that you not only purchase a great product, but also benefit from first-class customer service.Because buying one Thermomix® is more than just an investment in a kitchen aid: It is a step towards a healthy diet and the enjoyment of fresh and varied meals. And that's exactly what I want to achieve together with my customers!

Friends Eating Dinner_edited.png
WHAT is so precious to us and our lives?
It is our LIFETIME and this is our only time.
I can tell you so much more about the Thermomix® and why it's worth buying for you, like you Thermomix® You can become a representative and that's exactly what you'll find on my other pages!

You get it from meBEST SERVICE:




I will advise you individually according to your wishes around the world of Thermomix®. I'll show you different ways to get your own and of course much more.


Cooking events

I offer YOU topic-related cooking events or cooking courses. You will also receive clever and delicious tips about the Thermomix®. 


Tips and Tricks

You're still at the beginning - I'll support you with the right tips and tricks to get the most out of the Thermomix® in the end.


Experience cooking

Invite 3 additional friends or acquaintances to experience the Thermomix® live at your home or in the cooking studio. Online cooking also works great these days.


Try it at home

I will come to your home and explain to you how best to use the Thermomix®. Try it yourself in your kitchen. Simple, quick and with the best ingredients. 


ask questions

Around the Thermomix world. Whatever interests you. Do you have questions about recipes, offers or accessories...

The quickest way to reach me is to call my lucky number 01707777345, write me an email or fill out the contact form. For wishes, suggestions and what is important to you!
Your Petra

Knead dough

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