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IcI have found my dream job and I love what I do.

Just moneyfor me and my family to Earning used to be my job. Today I live my passion and am happier than ever. 

I kept asking myself, what makes me happy?

After I suddenly developed psoriasis in 2019, I realized it was the moment when I had to change my life. it could not go on like that. Yes, it is not always an easy process and requires a lot of patienceespecially with yourself and also Others. But for me it was definitely worth it. My eating habits underwent a transformation.

Then my new kocha beganadventurer.

The Thermomix® was my luck. I started to let my creativity flow and focus on gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. My eating habits became much healthier and my joy in cooking exploded. My body and soul were eternally grateful for this.








My goal wasn't to find a job,that brings me a lot of money and where I have to give up my personality and passion. I searched for what actually makes me happy.


Today I can say that I am doing a job as a Thermomix® representative that makes me really happy.

I can organize my working hours flexibly. But the BEST thing is that I meet people who have as much fun cooking as I do. I'm always happy about great events with my colleagues and my customers that make life so much more beautiful. 


My heart's desireis to bring healthy cuisine into the homes of as many people as possible. 

I no longer want to miss my job as a Vorwerk consultant. I can watch people around me become healthier, their vitality and joy of life increase and best of all, I create a bit of financial freedom for myself, which enables me to follow my heart even more. I learned a lot about myself and constantly developed myself. 

A side effect: My psoriasis has improved as a result. Simply because I now go through life happier and more positively and have time for things that are good for me.

Today I eat much healthier and love cooking for myself. All I can say is this was the BEST decision for this job!

Do you want more freedom and independence in your life?

All I can say is, join the team and find your calling.

With Thermomix® my life took a 180 degree turn. 

THE HEART always finds the right way... maybe it leads to the Thermomix®  -Purchase or go to the Thermomix® Representative

If you want to work completely freely and independently, then you shouldn't miss this offer. I'd be happy to tell you more about it! I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and finding out where I can support you.

IMM_Tapas Restaurant

How do I become a Vorwerk consultant?

Would you like to become part of an incredibly great team?

  • How much does a Thermomix® representative or Vorwerk consultant earn?
    You can call a Thermomix representative locally or call Vorwerk.
  • How do I become a Thermomix® representative?
    Feel free to contact Vorwerk by phone or speak to a representative in your area.
  • Can I also buy a Thermomix from you?
    Yes, that is possible! Feel free to contact me!
  • Is there also an online cooking experience?
    Yes, that is possible! Feel free to contact me!
  • What is an FAQ section?
    Yes, that is possible! Feel free to contact me!
  • How do I become a Thermomix consultant?
    You can call a Thermomix representative locally or call Vorwerk.
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